About Us

For as long as I have protected my hair in a bonnet, 20+ years, I have longed for a better presentation of myself during those necessary periods of hair protection and nurture. I was given this idea by God. When I received the information, I immediately recognized it as God given information. I prayed in that moment for God’s continued knowledge and support in this endeavor. I have felt God’s hand on my life throughout this entire journey. 

I happened upon this old picture of my niece wearing my bonnet about 20 years ago. It could not be more perfect to incorporate in this story as my niece today is the beautiful face throughout the website displaying the product. 

Years ago my sister shared with me the name of a business that she was passionate about. I asked if we could use the name for this project. She used the Greek root words Kalos- beauty/ doro-gift to create the name Kalladora. 

The journey going from conception to design and now presenting to the world has been full of ups and downs. The intention in creating this product is to give you a beautiful, soft, satiny bonnet that you are accustomed to wearing to protect your hair with flair!!! The look of the product gives you that flair in the form of hair. The result is the Beautiful Kalladora Wonnet. 

Kalladora Wonnet will allow you to put your hair up and go about your life. You can entertain guests, run errands and feel like your beautiful selves in a Kalladora Wonnet.

We are a family of love and support. We think we’ve got it right and we can’t wait for you to try them out. You know you Wonnet!!!!


Raquel, Gabrielle and Rheanita